Lights on a Vacuum Nozzle?

Has anyone seen this yet? Kind of cool… I know I’ve struggled at times when the sun was down and I was trying to suck up those french fries my boy just scattered all over my back seat with nothing more than my car’s dome light. It’s not that easy. So the folks over at Rain Tunnel, down in Arizona, decided they would attach two small LED lights to the end of the nozzle. I’ve tried it, and it actually works really well. Even in daylight, you just press the button and you’ve got light for under the seats and in the trunk. Brilliant idea!

The lights run off of 3 AAA batteries, included with your purchase. The top of the nozzle has a removable cover so you can change your batteries when needed. Once you press the button for light, it only stays on for about a minute or so before it shuts off by itself. I guess this is to keep the batteries from running out by customers who leave the light on all night. But once it went out, I just pressed the button again and it came back on. Pretty neat!

I spoke with a bunch of car wash owners who’ve tried this new invention and I’ve been getting mixed reviews. Some folks just LOOOVE it. They say their customers are using it and coming up to them and thanking them for installing them. Sounds like it’s been a winner for these folks. Then I get reports from others about vandalism. People crack off the covers and steal the batteries out of them or sometimes just steal the whole damn nozzle. HA! Guess they needed a flashlight at home or something. Pretty sad in my opinion. Either way it seems what I’m hearing boils down to the old saying, “Location, location, location.” Depending on what type of neighborhood these things are installed in will determine the type of reaction you will get from the locals. Have problems at your wash with vandalism? Well these lighted nozzles are probably not for you. Is your wash visited by friendly, honest regulars? I betcha’ these nozzles would be a hit!

Vacuum LED lighted nozzle

What do you guys think? I see the cost is under five bucks from Kleen-Rite. Would you install these? Have you installed these? Share your thoughts with the rest of us below.

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