Little Trees Vending Machine Makeover

Car-Freshner has finally revamped their retro style decals on their drop shelf vending machines. The design we’ve had for years started looking pretty dated, like something out of the 40’s. The new decals look like a more current style.

american tree

Most car washes sell a ton of the Little Trees. They are by far the top selling air fresheners on the market. I don’t think the new decal will help increase sales, but it will look newer and fresher on the vendors. But will most car wash operators take the time and hassle to remove their old decals to simply swap out a design? It’s a pain and a hassle getting those old decals off.

I think most people will either get the new decal when they buy a new machine, or else change the old decals if they are really faded and cracked.

What do you guys think? Would you go through the process of changing your decals?

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