Who Benefits? ICA To Host European Car Wash Show

Poland Car Wash

The International Car Wash Association has announced it will begin hosting an every other year Trade Show in the Netherlands in 2015. While the Association itself touts this as a win-win for all current members of the ICA, it is hard to fathom how taking the dues paid by American car wash operators for so many years and using that money to host an event in Europe. I don’t see how this benefits the car wash community at all. It appears to me that this move is to bolster the bottom line (line the pockets) of the association itself and the few equipment manufacturers who can foot the bill of hauling a demo booth to Amsterdam.  French car wash


From what I’ve heard, from a reputable source who attended one of the meetings announcing their great scheme, the ICA will “borrow” the money from the American ICA chapter to fund the European show. They forecast a big windfall from this show, enough to pay back the American association and have plenty of profit left over.


Not to mention the language barrier. How are our local Mom and Pop manufacturers, who make up a huge chunk of the companies that make our car wash supplies, supposed to break through the language barrier? Will the ICA provide interpreters for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish and on and on and on? Obviously not.

Languages 400

There are a lot of opinions flying around about this venture, and most of what I’m hearing is negative. Some folks are really outraged and want the control of their car wash association back in the hands of car wash folks, rather than the current management that really doesn’t have any background in the car washing business at all. It’s just a slick marketing team. When folks put up an argument against this venture at the meeting held in Chicago this past Spring, their concerns were basically brushed aside, it’s too late, we are already under contract, blah, blah, blah. The arrogance of these folks is unbelievable.


Soooo….. basically it can be summarized like this:

  1. There will be a Car Wash Show in Europe next year.
  2. You will be funding it.
  3. It will be highly inconvenient for you to attend.
  4. Many of our American Suppliers will find it cost prohibitive to exhibit.
  5. We hear that most of you are against it.
  6. But we’re just doing it anyway.

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