The Last Western Car Wash Trade Show

WCA Merges With the ICA Car Wash Show: Last Expo Oct. 2014


Well, it was fun while it lasted. Recent announcement that the Western Car Wash Association’s annual trade show is basically being cancelled. It seems the attendance has been trending downward for the last few years. So they’ve decided to merge their show with the annual Car Wash Show that is hosted by the International Car Wash Association’s trade show.

The WCA Expo was held at the Las Vegas Hilton for years before moving to San Diego.

WCA Expo in Las Vegas Hilton

The WCA Expo was held at the Las Vegas Hilton for years before moving to San Diego.

Brad Hooper, President of the WCA, put out a statement: “WCA is excited about this change and know it will benefit the car wash industry throughout the Western States by allowing us to increase our focus on services that are specific to the local areas. Instead of utilizing a significant amount of our resources on a single event, we will be able to provide education, advocacy and networking opportunities customized for local issues/challenges provide. These numerous events in specific markets will make us more valuable to car wash operators and suppliers.”


It’s a shame really, I’ve spent years going to the Las Vegas Hilton to attend the WCA show every Fall. A few years ago they moved it to San Diego. I really liked going to San Diego. It was a fun, different atmosphere, but alas, the numbers of guests just weren’t there to make it profitable. Thus the merger. I really don’t think that the ICA will be any different or better. Obviously we will still have the same exhibitors at the ICA. Maybe, just maybe the attendance might go up without having the Western show, but being that one was in the Spring and the other was held in the Fall, I don’t feel that this will effect attendance much at all.


Not taking anything away from the folks running the WCA, they always had a great expo that I thoroughly enjoyed every year, but this move seems more like a survival mechanism than a great idea.


This year will mark the last stand alone trade show that the Western Car Wash Association will host. It is being held at the Rio in Las Vegas on October 28th – 30th. I willl definitely be attending. I hope to see you guys there! Plus Vegas around Halloween is always a nutty time!

Western Car Wash Expo 2014

The Final WCA Expo will be held at the Rio Oct. 28-30, 2014


What do you guys think about the consolidation? Like it? Let us know your thoughts below!

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