When does my General High Pressure Pump need replacement parts?

General Pumps builds very reliable pumps for a number of industries needing high pressure water to clean with.  There pumps last a very long time before needing to be replaced but some of the causes to pumps needing parts sooner than it has to really has more to do with external problems developing that affects the pump which causes premature wear on the pump seals or internal parts to wear out faster than they need to.

One of the most common issues that cause high pressure pumps problems is leaks or air entering the input side of the pump.  This type of suction side problem usually results not paying attention to leaks as they occur, with a little preventive maintenance you can greatly improve the life span of your pump and have less trouble plus better performance.   One simple way to not to have problems, is to add checking for leaks part of your regular routine when starting your pump up or on a daily/weekly schedule.  On this web site they have a maintenance check list on their general pump parts page which you can download and print out to use for keeping a schedule to avoid downtime on your general pump.

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