The Kings of Car Wash Signage & Entry Arches!

Bright, attractive and informative signs at your wash location is absolutely critical in today’s market. Unfortunately combining all three of those attributes successfully is not a simple task. Either the signage is dull or is difficult to comprehend and ends up making a location wind up looking more like a warehouse than a modern car wash.

more TSS SignageFortunately for us, there is one company that pulls all these traits together to produce, in my opinion, the absolute best looking, highly visual and easy to comprehend car wash signage. I’ve seen a ton of car wash sign companies over the years and no one comes close to what the folks at TSS Signs are doing. The designs and concepts they are cranking out are simply revolutionary and raising the bar in this industry to what signage at a car wash lot should look like.

From eye-popping entry arches to instructional signs, these guys are doing it all. They even incorporate LED lighting in many of their models to really attract attention. They have an art department on staff that can customize pretty much any of their products from color schemes, to your logo and menus signs. If you are looking to spruce up your current location or are planning on new locations in the future, it would be well worth your time to contact these guys at TSS Signs.

I give TSS Signs 5 Stars out of 5!

Check out their website and online catalog Here!

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