“Do it Yourself” Car Wash Style



I will shamelessly admit I may not always pay attention to detail when it comes to cleaning my car. I take care of my car to the best of my ability but when it’s all said and done I let my dad take care of my car majority of the time. But when he is out on the road it is my responsibility to do my part which is why I have found the best “do it yourself” solutions to clean my car, and for those who are like me and like to do as little as pshutterstock_388027540ossible. For starters, I don’t know about you, but my car just seems like it gets dusty constantly, especially in the vent area. So I have come to find that the little foam paint brushes that you can purchase at any craft store like Michaels or a hardware store like Home Depot, can really get inside your vents. They seem to pick up even the tiniest pieces in every corner with dust! Also to avoid a major storm of dust you should vacuum your car every so often that way you don’t have to worry about extra dust getting all over your car and settling in places you aren’t too fond of. Now I drive a Ford Escape and with big cars come smaller nooks and crannies. Whenever there happens to be a spill or a stain, the interior in the car becomes more susceptible to any kind of debris or liquid. My next solution that I have found most helpful and was influenced by Pinterest, is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Gently rubbing against the fabric, the magic eraser can get out any stain on your fabric interior or on the back of your seats where the young kids can kick their feet up. On that note, another way to get stains out is by placing stain remover on your dirty floor mats and then washing them in the washing machine.shutterstock_390233296 This is just a little extra help to get those grimy shoe stains out of the most used item in your car. The next thing I found was with a little bit of warm water, dryer sheets help take away bugs off of your car and bumper. There’s nothing worse than washing your car, getting it all nice and shiny and you see that those pesky little bugs are still on the front of your car. Plus, summer will be here before you know it and we all know with hot weather comes bugs, bugs, bugs. The next thing that I have found to be useful is toothpaste and water which would you guess it goes on your headlights! When your lights get foggy, a mixture of toothpaste and water clears that right away. One final thing that I have learned when wiping down my car and cleaning the glass, is that the right micro-fiber towels are the most important thing to own. If you use the wrong type of material, you can instantly scratch your paint and/or glass which is never a good thing. So there you have it, just a few things on the list you can use to clean up your car without having to break your back over and if you want to really polish off your car add in some California Scents! Not so much do it yourself but they are a fresh, summery scent that is long lasting and easy to use.


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