Let your Signs do the Talking


You’re driving down the road and you’re looking for the right place to eat, rest, or even wash your car. But nothing says stay away more than a busted old diner sign with rust running up and down the side, barely hanging on by the duct tape it’s attached to. Signage is everything and if you do not work the right angles or have the proper colors or fonts on your signage to make it really stand out, there is a good chance your customer has gone astray and went to another competitor.

Humans are visual people so if your sign is hard to read or does not catch their eye within 30 seconds of the time your customer is at your business, you lost your chance at a sale. Studies have shown that certain colors will trigger emotions in the brain to attract you to certain things. For example, the color red is considered a powerful color. It draws people’s attention and hold’s it there for the color represents energy, strength, power, and it enhances human metabolism increasing respiration rate and raising blood pressure.

In any sense of business, especially the car wash business, your signage is a form of crucial communication that helps prevent confusion and frustration as well as maintain safety for all customers. They should be clearly marked and simply put so those who are not aware of what they are doing will be able to figure out the unfamiliar equipment. With straightforward instructions, your customers will feel more at ease with what they are doing and feel more confident that they will get it right the first time.

It’s all about options and simplicity in the car wash industry. The more options and easy instructions you have, the more time spent, the more money that is being made, the simpler things are. As well as effortless instructions, your signs should contain the proper amount of lights and clearly marked payment consoles so drivers are signaled safely to guide them into the bay and out.

You are essentially branding your company and sometimes it is the only indication of a business’ location. These instructional car wash signs should be visible, readable and above all conspicuous. The goal is to have your customer leave happy and satisfied with their service, not frustrated and confused! Kleen-Rite carries a full line of car wash bay and instructional signs for your everyday needs!



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