Wet Coins? KLOPP International says no problem

Count coins easily – even wet ones – with this new product from KLOPP International.


With any car wash, you will always have your ups and your downs, wet coins probably being one of them. Time is money and you can’t afford to waste any sort of those precious minutes, which is why having Klopp Coin Counters on hand is imperative to your business.

Klopp Coin Counters has been a leader in business since 1931 and continues to grow with their updated technologies. They have created machinery that utilizes both upper and lower drive wheel mechanisms, so when your coins are wet they will not leave a skid mark like effect similar to what your automobile tires would do on a rain-soaked road. Klopp Coin Counters are specifically designed to allow wet coins or tokens to be transported through the counting process with the same speed and efficiency as though they were “bone dry”. These mighty machines have made going to the bank so much easier and cut counting time down to a fraction of what it takes to count by hand.

“All machines have little to no maintenance and are portable for when you have to move from car wash to car wash,” Dan Nelson, President of Klopp Coin Counter said. “Having a coin counter really is a win/win for everyone.”

Every car wash operator should have Klopp Coin Counters on hand, especially products such as the Single Coin Counters/Baggers which have become extremely popular at affordable prices. They are constructed with the same heavy-duty features in the Model CM and Model CE. These machines do not wrap but they are great for when wanting to count individual coins which is eminent for bank deposits or re-circulating coins back into your bill changers. Coins that run through this Single Coin Counter processes 1,200 quarters/per min. (CMB), or 1,400 quarter/per min. (CEB). This USA made structure comes equipped with (1) all-purpose bagging tube.

Klopp International Inc. also carries Multiple Coin Counter/Wrapper/Bagger systems as well. This apparatus is made of cast aluminum and hardened steel and counts, wraps and/or bags all US coins and five token sizes, one type of coin at a time. With the process time of only 20 minutes, 1,400 quarters/per min. and wrapping of $1000 in quarters, you will be able to have that money packed and ready to go in a blink of an eye. These machines include (3) Nylon wrapping tubes of your choice (Quarter, Dime, Nickel) or (1) Nylon wrapping tube and (1) all-purpose bagging tube! Multiple Coin Counters, don’t however, sort specific coins. If you are in need of a sorter, however, Klopp International Inc. manufactures those as well!

Manual Sorters are especially great for when coins are wet. This undemanding device will separate a mix of coins and tokens into four different bins. Wet or dry, they go at a rate of 1,000 per minute and is made out of U.S cast aluminum and hardened steel. Manual Sorters come with a one-year warranty and can be customized upon request.

According to the Klopp International, INC. brochure, Klopp Coin Counters will eliminate 70% of the time now being spent to count and wrap or bag coins by hand or with a plastic slide. They will also eliminate human error caused by interruptions since the Klopp does the counting, not the operator. Counting coins, making sure they are dry, and wrapping them up for deposit is so time-consuming. There is so much more you can get done in a day if you didn’t have to worry about doing all of that extra handy work. Klopp Coin Counters, Sorters, Wrappers, and Baggers improve this undoubtedly boring “chore” and help make your business just a little bit simpler. So what are you waiting for?


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