Erie Brush & Manufacturing


Imagine pulling your car into a self-serve bay and realizing you have new scratches from previous brushes that you once used before. How aggravating and frustrating can that be, right? Just think, other customers may have used those brushes before and may or may not come back because of the quality that was displayed.

Erie Brushes are the perfect option for your car wash customers. They are quickly becoming the standard in the self-serve car wash industry and have the ever-popular foam master model. Erie Brushes have been designed to endure high demand washes from bumper to bumper. You can have your very own choice of Hog’s Hair Bristles or Nylon Bristles!

Dan Pecora, owner of Erie Brush & Manufacturing says since sand is many times harder than the paint surface, it can mar the surface of paint jobs if left in place, so the grit must go.

Erie Brushes have set themselves on a pedestal where most companies are trying to reach.

“The softer the brush filament used, whether microfiber, closed-cell foam or hog’s hair, the easier it is to release grit,” Pecora said.

Hog’s hair – actually from hogs – is one of the softest materials for handling grit for numerous reasons. For example, it has the smallest diameter tapered filament, which helps to make it the softest. Pecora says since it is so soft, tapered and feathered at the tips, it tends to release grit when properly lubricated and will not grind it into the car surface.

Proper lubrication is always a must when using car wash brushes, especially when it comes to Erie. Since lubrication can release grit as well, it is important that all brushes have enough wet foam holes to enable such substance. Erie’s FoamMaster offers six foam holes on a typical 9-inch brush which spreads the soapy foam far more than brushes with typically 2 or 3 foam holes.

“A continuous flow of soap foam will help to cleanse the grit and dirt from the brush head to provide a better cleaning,” Pecora said.



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