The Weekly Wash-Up: 10/6/2017

The NRCC show was a success, tips on washing your car in the fall, and crazy news around air fresheners in this week’s post.

  • It was a big week for car washes on the East Coast with the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention taking over Atlantic City! This year’s event was a hit and they are already taking registration for the 2018 show. We saw some pictures posted around social media and it looked a good time.
  • Now that we are into that part of the year where summer is trying to hang on while fall takes over, it’s a wonderful time to get outside. If you take your car off road, or on fishing, hiking, and camping trips, it probably gets pretty dirty! The pros over at explain why it is important to wash your car in the fall, even if you don’t get it mucky.
  • With that spiffy fall car cleaning done, it’s a good time to change out your air freshener for something seasonal. In a strange bit of scent-related news, a Baltimore school was evacuated this week due to a mystery smell…that turned out to be pumpkin spice air freshener! If you aren’t totally on the pumpkin bandwagon, Little Trees has some fun seasonal clove and cinnamon scents to bring fall right into your car. We’ve also heard that maple scents, like this one from The Candleberry Co., are becoming more and more popular this season.
  • Because school is in session there are a lot of sports fundraisers going on. We talked about this in more detail last week, but professional car washes are a good place to hold your fundraiser. We’ve seen a bunch of car wash fundraisers listed on social media this week, and some car washes have been mentioning Car Wash For a Cause, which sounds like a great resource!

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