The Weekly Wash-Up: 10/13/2017

This week’s news and upcoming events in the car wash world!

  • Unfortunately, there have been several car wash accidents in the news over the past few weeks; one of the most recent being the death of an employee at a car wash in Alton, Illinois. The accident appeared to involve an employee inadvertently pressing the gas pedal while cleaning the interior of a car. Our thoughts are with the employee’s coworkers and family.
  • Another incident has a happy ending, though. Good Samaritans managed to lift a car off of an employee trapped by a vehicle at an East Flatbush, New York car wash. These stories are a sobering reminder to always be aware of your placement within a vehicle and follow all posted signs at your local car wash.
  • Anyone living near Muskegon, Michigan, might want to go for a car wash on October 25th, as Van’s Car Wash and Quick Lube starts their annual Haunted Car Wash that day! Van’s Car Wash turns out their tunnel lights, puts up decorations, and has frighteningly costumed employees ready to give you a fright during your trip down the conveyor. Plus, proceeds go to charitable organizations – we love a car wash that gives back to the community.
  • David Begin at “The How of Car Washing” has come out with a 29-part (so far) podcast about working in the car wash industry. It covers everything from hiring and managing to technical setup and marketing. It’s available for free on iTunes.

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