Wings & Wax: Car Washes Moving Beyond Basic Auto Care

Car Washes are pretty in-and-out places. Whether you are heading through the automatic or taking the DIY route in a self-serve bay, it’s the same core routine: wash, dry, vacuum, and go.

We’ve all heard of car washes throwing in a few extra perks such as free vacuums or a discounted hand wax, but what about coffee? Or even a full breakfast?

The H&H Car Wash in El Paso, Texas, has embraced a dine-and-wash model for over 50 years. The model is catching on around the country, with more car washes adding edible perks, and sharing them on social media.

Mr. Detailing Car Wash in Hollywood, FL, near Miami, can not only detail your car (or boat, or airplane) but they also boast the “Mr. Express Grill” and special deals such as free wings with a wax on Fridays! Mr. Express is a fully functioning grill that serves non-car wash customers, too, so clients can be converted on both sides of the business.

The Canton Car Wash in Maryland incorporates food into their business, in the form of a coffee shop. Many Canton locations feature inviting indoor and outdoor seating areas – the perfect environment to entice patrons to pay for a longer, more involved wash that gives them time to relax and enjoy a handcrafted latte.

Car Wash Café in Ecuador is another great example of a company that has run with the idea of mixing food and car washes! The car wash posts charming graphics online, reminding customers that they offer coffee, car washes, and a smile all in one spot.

Being able to eat, or get a coffee, at a car wash make you drive a little further for a wash, or go to the car wash more often? Do you offer any perks at your own car wash? Tweet us at @carwashfanatic and share your photos!

Cover photo by Clem Onojeghuo.

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