The Weekly Wash-Up: 10/20/2017

News and articles from the car wash world for October 20, 2017!

  • Car Washes in New York City must now comply with the “Car Wash Accountability Act,” requiring car wash owners be bonded and licensed with the city of New York. This process is similar to the requirements to hold a Notary certificate in many states.
  • The Autobell Car Wash company, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, has given 139 employees a total of $168,500 in scholarships. We love seeing car washes giving back to their employees and the community!
  • AutoLaundry has published a list of tips for winterizing your auto detailing business as we get further into fall and closer to the cold weather months.
  • In this week’s strange car wash news, a Minnesota man was apprehended at an Iowa car wash, where police found him trying to vacuum a pound of crystal meth out of his car. Perhaps he didn’t know that car wash vacuums have bags inside that the police could obtain and look through? Not a great plan!

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