The Weekly Wash-Up: 10/27/2017

This week’s news and events from the car wash world!

  • The Hard Rock Casino brand is extending to car washes with the opening of the Hard Rock Rocksino “Rockstop Gas & Wash” in Northfield, Ohio. Initial images of the establishment show a wide selection of products, with a traditional convenience store and car wash setup. It looks like patrons can use/get Hard Rock Casino rewards points, which could be a selling point in the area.
  • The town of East Hampton, N.Y. actually spent 1.8 million dollars to avoid getting a new car wash. The town felt it would add to traffic problems and are planning a park instead.
  • Have you had trouble with getting your newer model car through a car wash, or witnessed others having this problem? Some gas-saving shutoff features make going through tunnel car washes a complicated process.
  • Adopting a pet or donating to the animal shelter can bring a free car wash your way in Arizona. HALO Animal Rescue and Jackson’s Car Wash have teamed up to support National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Adopting a pet is a big step, but if you aren’t ready, donating some dog toys is a great way to partake and get your free wash as well.

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