The Weekly Wash-Up: 11/3/2017

This week’s news and events in the car wash world!

  • There have been a lot of car wash crimes in the news lately. That’s not something you want happening at your car wash! published a good list of some initial steps you can take to help keep your car wash crime-free.
  • This week, Car Wash Fanatic discovered that D.J. Jazzy Jeff has his own line of car air fresheners available under the moniker “D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Scents,” including one called “Summertime” (a coconut scent.) If you find this as amusing as us, they are available for purchase here.
  • A British woman has opened up a dog wash coffee shop! We’ve seen car washes and dog washes, as well as car washes and coffee, but never just dogs and coffee together. Located in a coastal town, it seems like a pleasant way to clean up your pup after going to the beach. Maybe she can expand to cars next!
  • Have you ever been to a car wash and had them greet you by name – even though you have never met that particular attendant before? Here’s how some companies like Mister Car Wash create a more personalized experience for visitors.

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