Car Delivery Services Get Literal!

Increased home delivery services are becoming common – think of Amazon Prime, or Hello Fresh. But what about services that deliver…to your car?

Many business people and busy parents may feel that they live in their car more than they do their home. That is actually quite true for salespeople and other folks working in professions with up to 100% travel for work.

Hyundai is taking the first step into services that deliver to wherever your car is. Certain Hyundai models can be equipped with a connection service called “Blue Link” that, to start, will allow owners to order a car wash through the Blue Link app. Washes will be carried out by the Washos service, which already allows anyone living in a serviced area to order a car wash through their own proprietary app. However,  Hyundai plans to take things a step further and, through the Blue Link software, temporarily unlock your car doors for the Washos employee to do an interior detail. With this service, car owners can continue their day as planned with zero interruption, and leave work to find a completely spotless vehicle waiting for them!

Further plans for the Blue Link service include renting out your vehicle for car sharing, or ordering gas and groceries that will arrive to your car on-demand.

For more information on this planned service, visit Engadget!

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