Product Spotlight: Norshire Car Wash Kit

Car Wash Fanatic takes a look at Norshire, the at-home car wash pumping system.

Indiegogo is always full of new tech and home devices – but it’s not the place I think of to turn for a car wash. One company is trying to change that, and completely revamp the home car wash, with a new product called Norshire.

Norshire is a multipurpose device that can:

  • Pump water through the included spray gun
  • Apply soap through the included foamy brush
  • Jump start your car
  • Power your phones, computers, etc. on the go
  • Serve as a hazard sign during a breakdown

The concept is interesting in that it’s designed to be portable. You charge it in advance, and then attach a water bottle to the top of the unit. The manufacturers say it gives you 60 minutes of car washing time. I don’t see how a single 1-liter water bottle would be enough to wash a whole car.

Indiegogo customers can pay an extra cost to add a folding water bucket and upgraded spray gun. The idea here is that you fill the bucket with water and it siphons out via a hose. This option looks like it will give you more water to work with. But, if you are doing this on the go, won’t you need to pour water bottles into the bucket anyway?

In the product video, Norshire’s manufacturers say that their product:

  • Takes 10 minutes to wash a car
  • Costs nothing
  • Requires only one bucket of water

Norshire compares this to (by their estimate) 40 minutes, $20, 4 people, and “tons” of water to wash a car yourself.

I suppose this could be a good option for folks who are very committed to washing their car at home. It will produce a stronger spray than from a garden hose! Norshire also eliminates the problems associated with using wash buckets and cloths. Eric Adams at The Drive mentioned it was useful for quickly cleaning staged cars at photo shoots.

The Norshire system is currently on sale for $99 at Indiegogo.

Have you used the Norshire or backed its fundraising campaign? Is this something you would buy when it hits the market on a larger scale? Let us know in the comments!

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