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Weekly Wash Up Graphic

The Weekly Wash-Up: 11/3/2017

This week's news and events in the car wash world!

Credit Card Acceptors on Car Wash Vending Machines

We've recently seen credit card acceptors on Little Tree vending machines at the International Car Wash Expo in Las Vegas. We were surprised to see this upgrade, as it is totally different from what we've grown accustomed to in these style of drop shelf venders. The digital display was larger as well, I guess you ...

Little Trees Vending Machine Makeover

Car-Freshner has finally revamped their retro style decals on their drop shelf vending machines. The design we've had for years started looking pretty dated, like something out of the 40's. The new decals look like a more current style. Most car washes sell a ton of the Little Trees. They are by far the top ...