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Car Care ‘Hacks’…Are They Worth It?

Can you put hair conditioner on your car? Can you use dish soap as a car wash soap alternative? And more importantly...should you?

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Car Washing Myths Debunked

Not sure whether you should wash at home or the car wash? Did you grow up hand washing your family station wagon with a bucket of soapy water and one old rag? Seemed ok then….right? There are a lot of conflicting personal opinions and myths surrounding the best way to wash your car. Here, we ...

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Product Spotlight: Norshire Car Wash Kit

Car Wash Fanatic takes a look at Norshire, the at-home car wash pumping system.

Simoniz Car Wash Tunnel

Coolest Car Wash Ever?

Check out this awesome video from Simoniz - have you been through any car wash tunnels that are this visually cool? It looks like they have painted the walls of this tunnel black so that the foam and waxes really glow under the lights! A black tunnel with black lights and white soaps/foams could also be ...

Car Wash Show 2018

Car Wash Show Happening Now!

The 2018 ICA Show is happening now at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Share your photos and stories with us on Twitter if you are there now - it's a great time. Check out today and tomorrow's schedule below, and if you can't make it to the event, the ICA is running video feeds throughout ...

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The Weekly Wash-Up: 10/27/2017

This week's news and events from the car wash world!

Weekly Wash Up Graphic

The Weekly Wash-Up: 10/20/2017

News and articles from the car wash world for October 20, 2017!

Suds With Heart: The Impact of Car Wash Fundraising

Car Washes are coming up with ways to help their communities, including those affected by the 2017 hurricanes.

How much are your chemicals really costing your car wash?

Carwash.com says you could be spending more money than you have to be on chemicals for your car wash. It is very easy to lose sight of the value of packaged items and this article suggests you take initiative when it comes to your money. Are you truly comparing the merits of chemicals and equipment ...

Harrisburg, PA Family Benefiting from Car Wash

Harrisburg,PA- Silverstar Car Wash has offered on March 1-March 2, 2017 free car washes to benefit a Harrisburg student who recently passed away. Logan Morey, a student at Harrisburg High, battled with degenerative muscular disease his whole life. Silverstar has opened their car wash from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.  at its new location on ...