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Elevator Car Wash Playlist

Car Wash Video Library on YouTube

Ran across these guys video channel. They visit various hotels, elevators and car washes. For some reason, they enjoy going through tunnel washes and automatics and filming their trip at the car wash. They have a TON of videos from various car washes, and it's a cool way to see the workings of various car ...

Washing Your Car at Home

Consumer Reports Lists Steps to Wash Your Car

I am not a fan of washing your car at home in the driveway. There are voluminous studies of just how bad this is for the environment and city run off. But I do accept that folks are going to wash at home no matter what. So, if you are one of those folks that ...

Sacremento Working With Car Washes over Drought Solutions

The Regional Water Authority along with officials from Sacramento City are working in conjunction with local car washes in the area on a campaign they call "Be Water Smart". The initiative is trying to raise awareness of Northern Californians about washing cars during the drought. The car wash operators involved with the program have invested ...

Credit Card Acceptors on Car Wash Vending Machines

We've recently seen credit card acceptors on Little Tree vending machines at the International Car Wash Expo in Las Vegas. We were surprised to see this upgrade, as it is totally different from what we've grown accustomed to in these style of drop shelf venders. The digital display was larger as well, I guess you ...

Excel Tire Pressure Gauge

Products We Like: Excel Tire Gauge

This product is awesome! The Excel Tire Gauge is a self contained unit that fills the air in a tire automatically. Check out the Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57zCuoMVo20

car wash morons

Car Wash Fails Montage

Proof that the most dangerous thing at the car wash is the customer! Watch this funny video montage of things going horribly wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMaQwd1KlVM

Little Trees Vending Machine Makeover

Car-Freshner has finally revamped their retro style decals on their drop shelf vending machines. The design we've had for years started looking pretty dated, like something out of the 40's. The new decals look like a more current style. Most car washes sell a ton of the Little Trees. They are by far the top ...

Lights on a Vacuum Nozzle?

Has anyone seen this yet? Kind of cool... I know I've struggled at times when the sun was down and I was trying to suck up those french fries my boy just scattered all over my back seat with nothing more than my car's dome light. It's not that easy. So the folks over at ...