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Automated Systems: Up and coming

Automated Systems have created a boom in the car wash industry. Mister Car Wash and Dynamite Car Wash in Arizona have been so wowed by the features and movement of this machine, they would recommend it to everyone. Click on the link below and find out how you can get your very own Automated Systems. ...

Starting a Car Wash during the Holidays!

Carwash.com says there is no better way to kick off the new year than marketing your car wash right during the holidays. There are seven useful and successful tips on how to do so according to Kristen Vanstrom of Personal Branding Blog. Click the link below and find out how you can do some last-minute ...


Erie Brush & Manufacturing

Imagine pulling your car into a self-serve bay and realizing you have new scratches from previous brushes that you once used before. How aggravating and frustrating can that be, right? Just think, other customers may have used those brushes before and may or may not come back because of the quality that was displayed. Erie ...

Wet Coins? KLOPP International says no problem

Count coins easily - even wet ones - with this new product from KLOPP International.


Let your Signs do the Talking

You're driving down the road and you're looking for the right place to eat, rest, or even wash your car. But nothing says stay away more than a busted old diner sign with rust running up and down the side, barely hanging on by the duct tape it's attached to. Signage is everything and if ...


“Do it Yourself” Car Wash Style

  I will shamelessly admit I may not always pay attention to detail when it comes to cleaning my car. I take care of my car to the best of my ability but when it’s all said and done I let my dad take care of my car majority of the time. But when he is ...


Service your own CAT 5CP212OW Pump

In this video, Tom will show you how to service a 5CP2120W Pump. As a car wash owner, you know it is critical to eliminate leaks and vibrations from any kind of pumps. Follow this video and let Tom take you step by step on how to maintain your Cat Pumps. https://youtu.be/9ky15wf0AoU