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Simoniz Car Wash Tunnel

Coolest Car Wash Ever?

Check out this awesome video from SimonizĀ - have you been through any car wash tunnels that are this visually cool? It looks like they have painted the walls of this tunnel black so that the foam and waxes really glow under the lights! A black tunnel with black lights and white soaps/foams could also be ...


Service your own CAT 5CP212OW Pump

In this video, Tom will show you how to service a 5CP2120W Pump. As a car wash owner, you know it is critical to eliminate leaks and vibrations from any kind of pumps. Follow this video and let Tom take you step by step on how to maintain your Cat Pumps. https://youtu.be/9ky15wf0AoU

Elevator Car Wash Playlist

Car Wash Video Library on YouTube

Ran across these guys video channel. They visit various hotels, elevators and car washes. For some reason, they enjoy going through tunnel washes and automatics and filming their trip at the car wash. They have a TON of videos from various car washes, and it's a cool way to see the workings of various car ...

Excel Tire Pressure Gauge

Products We Like: Excel Tire Gauge

This product is awesome! The Excel Tire Gauge is a self contained unit that fills the air in a tire automatically. Check out the Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57zCuoMVo20

car wash morons

Car Wash Fails Montage

Proof that the most dangerous thing at the car wash is the customer! Watch this funny video montage of things going horribly wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMaQwd1KlVM